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Founded by Dr. Michael D. Fischer and his research students.

"AnthroPunk - how people promote, manage, resist and endure change; how people hack their lives (and those of others) - living the world not just in it. AnthroPunk is a new label for a number of older ways of conceptualising people and their constructions. Foremost, the individuation of people and their experiences and an explicit recognition that their lives are interactive, not driven by rules, scripts, schemata or frames, but by the creation of these. Context, like culture, is an outcome of human life, not the cause of it. Individual people collectively make the world around them, not only from the materials and ideas available to them but from new materials and ideas they construct. There are limits imposed by materials, but the application of ideas constantly transforms these into new possibilities, and new limits."

See our talk at Maker Faire 2011: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - "AnthroPunk: Meta Making, Cuture Making, and the 'Making' of Making"