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WIRED Blog, "Beyond the Beyond" by Bruce Sterling, June 28, 2012

Extended Senses and Invisible Fences

The COIL Radio, August 11, 2013 Engineering the Collaborative Human Sally Applin PolySocial Reality Interview

WIRED Blog, "Beyond the Beyond" by Bruce Sterling, March 22, 2013

Thing Theory: Connecting Humans to Location-Aware Smart Environments

/*This pdf is pretty interesting, despite the fact that, critically speaking, I violently disagree with the deployment of the terms “aware” and “smart.”

/*Also, it’s got “PolySocial Reality” in it, which is kinda like actual reality despite the fact that it’s polysocial.

WIRED Blog, "Beyond the Beyond" by Bruce Sterling, May 23, 2011

PolySocial Reality (PoSR)

/*When Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality are insufficiently confusing.

Council for the Internet of Things

Council Interview with Sally Applin, October 28, 2011

Corriere Della Sera: Il club de La Lettura
Siamo uomini o gadget? Iperconnessi, computerizzati, rintracciabili: diventeremo cyborg
by Fabio Chiusi, May 2012

Se tra gli studiosi, infatti, alcune idee — dal rifiuto del «dualismo digitale» che vorrebbe online e offline del tutto separati, all’avvento di quel loro particolare miscuglio che la ricercatrice Sally Applin chiama «realtà PoliSociale» — si stanno faticosamente affermando, una teoria strutturata ancora manca.

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